Somtam, Yay Jai Punlam

Clean, delicious,  Shady shop,  Comfortable atmosphere,  not far from the Mekong river,  Recommended menu  Tum Thai Phuan Pickled Fish,  Som Khanom Som,  Pounding machine, Korat pound,  Tama Mama,  Som Tum fall pork,  Chicken feet, som Tum Salad, 

Location:  Road along the Meakong River,  Ban Phan Lam,  Capital District,  Bueag Kan Province  (Not far from the bulgogan checkpoint,)

Phone:  087 7136191

Khing Tawan Kitchen, Bueng Kan

Cozy restaurant,  Simple room decoration style,  Wide menu to choose from  Recommended  menu  Striped snakehead fish,  Cha Om Omelets with Shrimp,   Grilled fish

Location:  102 Moo.9  Bueng Kan-Phang Khon Road,  Wisit Subdistrict,  Mueang Bueng Kan District  Bueng Kan Province

Phone:  089 0028668

Savoey Kitchen

Rim Khong Thai Restaurant, There are uninterrupted tours.  With the deliciousness of the food, beautiful views overlooking the Meakong River in a panoramic view, Mountains background, have good service, 

Location:  Prasat Chai Road,  Bueng Kan,  Bueng Kan District,  Bueng Kan Province

Phone:  081 7785949

Khraw Phu Wa 2000

Restaurant business that focuses on family management,  Focus on serving Thai food,  Homemade style,  Spicy food flavor delicious, Delicious and satisfying, especially fish goodies, Recommended menu   Fried fish with garlic, Kang fish curry, Tom yam fish, Glass noodle salad, 

Location:   264  Prasat Chai Road,  Bueng Kan Subdistrict,  Bueng Kan District,  Bueng Kan Province.

Phone:  042 403 343, 081 050 1199