Santi Phochana

Famous boiled rice restaurant that has been opened for many decades,  Comfortable, atmosphere  there are many recommended menus  not expensive  Chinese stewed duck,  Radish with egg,  Crispy morning glory salad,  Fried fish with celery

Location:  Chawalanok Road, District in the city

Phone:  045 240 233

Facebook: @SantiPhochana

Sam Chai Coffee-Breakfast

Open for breakfast for  over 60 year, Currently there are 4 branches with attention to the quality of food beverages and the service of the shop

Location:  56-58 Pha Daeng Road,  Capital Ubon Ratchathani

Phone:   045 240 241

Samchai Kai yang

Restaurant in the Samchai-group with a menu of northeastern Thai food delicious and has a tender grilled chicken the shop area is spacious, airy, Recommended menu Grilled Chicken,  Fried fish, Egg salad,

Location:  282-282/1  Phalochai Road,  Capital  Ubon Ratchathani,  Ubon Ratchathani Province

Phone:  045-209118/045 241693

Facebook:  @samchaikaiyangubon