The Tower Cafe & Hangout

The hip café of Buriram There are a lot of shooting angles especially on the tower Food and beverages are available in many menus as Pizza, Pad Thai, Fried rice with chili paste, Butterfly pea and lemon juice, Coffee, Tea  and  Dessert

Location: 559 Village No. 9, Isan Subdistrict, Buriram City Municipality Mueang Buri Ram District, Buri Ram Province

Phone:  04 466 6305

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Ran Ped Yang Khu Mueang Restaurant

Roasted duck  is a well-known name of Buri Ram mallard duck  Small duck Tight texture Grill on low heat 2 hours  Frame film Dry meat  Fragrant

Location:  Samet Subdistrict   Mueang Buri Ram District  

Phone:  08 0157 9666

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Luchin Yuekin

Highlight of Buri Ram at this point, there are almost a dozen shops selling fried meatballs. The client will order and stand to eat in front of the shop. Not popular to order in bags.  Price of 7 sticks, 20 bath with dipping sauce in the bucket, eating and dipping in

Location:  District in the city   Capital District  Buri Ram Province

Phone:  09 9461 1507

Tee Shop, Part 2

Good night shop, tasty price, friendship  but the legendary taste  sold for over 10 year  There are many seats to choose from, along with roadside zones and indoor.  Recommended Menu Stir fried celery pork celery, Chinese sausage salad,  Miscellaneous,  Tom yum chicken feet

Location:  District in the city Capital District  Buri Ram

Phone:  01 462 1448