Himmon Coffee Drip

Himon, indie drip coffee shop. There is a method of brewing coffee using the drip method. In addition to having a fragrant coffee. It also serves savory dishes as well. The highlight of this coffee shop is that the shop is located on a hill near to Phlung Mountain. Good weather might be able to see the sea of fog passing by to greet the center of the shop.

Location: 126/1 Ban Dan Nakham, Amphoe Mueang Uttaradit

Phone : 081 485 1565


Lom Yen

Lom Yen Restaurant that opened for over 20 years. The style of the restaurant is decorated in traditional Thai style. There are many Thai houses surrounded the shop area. There is a corner for private dining. And have a corner to relax and see the garden, wooden swings and children's playground. Suitable for customers who come as a family to eat, buy souvenirs and sip coffee in one place. The recommended menu here is delicious Thai food such as green curry, fried fish with herbs, tom yum noodles, etc.

Location: 173 Moo 5 Tambon Pasao, Phitsanulok-Denchai, Amphoe Mueang Uttaradit|

Phone : 055 817 902, 055 441-868

Khaw Phan Phak Indy

KhawPhanPhak or Veggie-Wrapped Rice is local recipes in Uttaradit province. Similar to steamed Rice Dumplings but the dough is thicker and larger. And wrapped with various kinds of vegetables. Easy to eat, comfortable to the stomach because the filling will focus on vegetables. This restaurant also has many menus to try and Including a variety of beverages. The price is not expensive.

Location: Rat Uthit Road, Amphoe Lablae, Uttaradit

Phone : 080 447 0345

Lan Pho Cafe

When walking into the Lan Pho Café. Feel like being in the midst of a very shady forest .Suitable for dining as a family. There are many corners to take photo. The food is delicious. The menu is delicious, including shrimp in fish sauce, salmon topped with seafood salad, stir fried kang fish.

Location: Soi behind Uttaradit Provincial Transport Office, Tambon Thungyang, Amphoe Laplae

Phone : 081 379 7881 , 055 816888