Cozy restaurant hot menu is Grilled Shrimp,  Thai papaya salad and pickled fish papaya papaya salad is very delicious.  And many tasty food

Location: 371/1 Ring Road around Roi Et City (Near the intersection to At Samat)

Phone:  081 873 5357, 043-516-684,  081-964-7257

Koi Tiao Ped Chan Muang

There are many menus to choose from Chinese stwed duck, Braised chicken stewed beef, Braised pork,  Red pork, And have 5 sides of rice or 5 sides of noodles topped everything the store

Location:  Dave Governance Road  At the entrance of  Soi 18 District in the City   Capital District Roi Et Province

Phone:  043 514 776,  088 027 8544


Afternoon Bar & Bistro

English-Style white house shop Location in the project Afternoon Walk  choose to sit and chill at any angle  Many drink menus  Sweet Fur,  Toast,  Binsu,  Pancakes

Location:  Chaeng Sanit Road (TL.23) District in the city    Capital District    Roi Et Provice

Phone:  043 514 776,  088  027  8544


Cute café decorated in a nice atmosphere in the green fields. Located approximately 13 kilometers from the city of   Roi Et.

Location:  262 Moo.5 Ban hela klwy   Pa Pa District   Chang Han District   Roi Et Province

Phone:  090 262 0101   

Website :