Tong Kai Yang

Delicious good service   Recommended menu  Fried  fish with herbs is very delicious,  Mak pla tong,  Papaya salad with laos

Location:  Ban Nong Charoen  Moo.11  Soi Duangdao Bypass Road  Waeng na District

Phone:  0  4377  7788,  08 7855 1060


Focus on tasty, Inexpensive, Large plates  Recommended menu   Fried shrimp with cashews,  Crab leg fried rice,  Dry crack,  Lemon chicken

Location:  Phdung with Trat District

Phone:  0 4371 1395  (Thai-Chinese  Seafood)

Jaew Horn Tha Konyang

There are many sets to choose from pork,  Chicken,  Beef and sea,  The shop has live music

Location:  134  Moo.2 Thananon Road   Tha khon Yang Sub district

Phone:  0 4374 9098  (Chaewhon Thai-Isan food)