5 Cool Things To See Visit in Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son province has another name as ‘the city of three mists’ because it is surrounded by high mountains with cold temperature and covered with mist all 3 seasons.  The city is rich of the beauty of natural resources – mountains, forests, flowers leading the city to one of the must-see cities in Thailand.


Su Tong Pe Bridge: A Successful Prayer Bridge

Su Tong Pe is a Tai Yai language means “Successful Prayer”.  This bamboo bridge of 2 meters wide and 600 meters long is a source of pride among the local community as it was built without supports nor budgets from officials. Owners of rice plantations donated the land and villagers came together using local materials such as bamboo strips interwoven as walkway and old woods to elevate the bridge over the rice fields. The bridge connects Tampusama garden to Kung Maisak, passes Mae Sanga stream, intended for Buddhist monks to walk on to receive food from villagers in the morning.

Tham Lot (Lod Cave)

Tam Lot Cave is a cave system with 2.5 kilometers deep. The Nam Lang river flowed, eroded the cracked limestone of the mountain on the way, through the other side of the mountain. The cave filled with geological formations from the floor and ceilings where stalactites and stalagmites grew together. The cave is longer than 500 meters, 20 meters wide and 50 meters high. 3 other big caves resulted of the erosion are Tham Sao Hin, Tham Tookata and Tam Peeman. Apart from beautiful and amazing stalactites and stalagmites, Tham Lot is also a very important archaeological site. Archaeologist have found Stone age artifacts such as axes, bones and leguminous plants. Also, there was a Teekwood coffin called Long Pee Man believed to have been carved by tribal people many thousand years ago.

Bua Tong Field

Bua Tong Field at Doi Mae U-Kho, Mae Hong Son Province is the first Bua Tong field that opens for tourists. The hilly area of around 1,000 rai turns completely bright yellow around November-early December. It is once a year opportunity to see such stunning picturesque scene.

Wat Pra That Doi Kongmu

One of the 2 large white Chedis in this temple contains ash of the revered monk from Shan State of Burma. The Shan influenced temple is atop the Kong Mu Hill, west of Meung Mae Hong Son, offers a spectacular view of the whole valley. The temple is also known as “Wat Plaidoi”.  It is said that if you did not visit this sacred place, you have not been to Mae Hong Son

Pang Ung

Pang Ung, Pang Tong Royal Development Project is located in Ban Ruam Thai, Mae Hong Son. Because of the marvelous scenery, this place is named “Switzerland of Thailand” or “Switzerland Dan Sam Mog” (or land of 3 mists). Khasi pine and Sumatran pine stand along the bank of the big reservoir and surround the hill. The word “Ung” means wetland in a big lowland. Formerly Pang Ung was an illegal opium plantation area for hill tribes. Thanks to His Majesty King Rama IX who solved this problem by supporting their agricultural economics, conserving natural resources and building a reservoir. Now Pang Ung not only filled with beautiful flowers of cool climate such as rose and hydrangea or orange trumpet but also conserved endangered animal. A must visit place in Mae Hong Son!